With the aim to create affordable housing for New Yorkers without compromising design quality, the 361-unit residential tower, Sendero Verde, has been constructed at 60 East 112th Street. It stands as the largest Passive House development in the country, featuring some of the most innovative energy saving methods on the market.

Sendero Verde’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every facet of its design, with a strong emphasis on minimizing energy consumption and reducing its environmental footprint, aligning perfectly with the broader goal of combating climate change. This groundbreaking project is not only creating a vibrant community but is also demonstrating a commitment to a greener future. One key element in achieving energy efficiency in Sendero Verde is the use of thermal breaks in its construction.

The Handel Architects team came to Armatherm looking for structural thermal break solutions that would help achieve their sustainability goals. With the perfect combination of compressive strength and thermal efficiency for a range of applications, Armatherm was able to provide the innovative 500 material to effectively reduce thermal bridging in several places throughout the construction. Armatherm 500 material provided structural support and insulation at challenging thermal bridging transition areas.

Speaking about the project, Louis Koehl, Senior Associate and Director of Sustainable Design at Handel Architects, said: “We utilized Armatherm’s thermal breaks to interrupt thermal bridges in several locations. From shelf angles, to dunnage, to door thresholds, Armatherm products offered the right balance of thermal performance and strength, and were simple to coordinate with our exterior wall details.”

Alongside thermal breaks, Sendero Verde, design integrates a range of eco-friendly features, including energy-efficient systems, green roofs, and a focus on sustainable construction materials. One of the most striking features is its vertical gardens that adorn the building façades, providing a green, visually appealing aesthetic while enhancing air quality and thermal comfort. The development utilizes a state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting system to manage stormwater and reduce the burden on the city’s sewer systems. It also incorporates energy-efficient HVAC systems and appliances, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. By promoting sustainable practices and reducing its environmental footprint, Sendero Verde is a model for urban developments in a world grappling with climate change.

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