A new apartment block in New York has been constructed, featuring state-of-the-art energy efficient solutions. In the bid to achieve Net Zero, architects are continuously looking into new methods of sustainable construction, and the apartments on 139 and fifth avenue contain high performance insulation, energy efficient windows and advanced climate control systems for optimal temperature regulation. In addition, thermal breaks were specified throughout the building envelope to minimise thermal bridging and the transfer of temperatures inside and out.

JMJ Contracting headed up the project, specifying the most innovative materials to mitigate energy loss, including Armatherm’s FRR in brick shelf attachments and Z girts at the cladding attachment on the face of the building. Both materials have been beneficial in improving the overall efficiency of the building envelope to edge closer to the Net Zero goal.

Brick shelf attachments can create a direct bridge from the outside elements to the internal envelope of a building, creating the potential for condensation and increased energy bills. Incorporating a thermal bridge works towards continuous isolation of temperatures. In cladding attachments it’s the same case, the cladding material is usually attached with metal brackets which conduct heat. The Armatherm non-metallic Z-girts are ideal for furring exterior walls on a new/existing masonry or steel stud backing. Armatherm™ Z-girts were developed to reduce heat lost in the building envelope while increasing the effective R-value of the total wall assembly.

In addition to the innovative materials used to thermally isolate the building envelope, this is the first apartment building in Pelham that features solar panels. With each new development, steps are being taken to create the most efficient structures possible. Everything inside the building is powered by electricity, there’s no oil or gas, meaning there can be more responsibly sourced, renewable methods of providing power to the tenants.

All in all, the entire building is designed with sustainability in mind. From energy-efficient lighting in communal spaces to eco-friendly materials used in construction, 139 Fifth Avenue sets a new standard for environmentally conscious urban living.

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