Hampden Academy in Northern Maine received the go-ahead for a $2 million expansion project after voters in the Regional School Unit approved the proposal. With a 15.5% increase in enrollment in the past 10 years, a 6,800 SF third floor has been designed to add eight new classrooms to the academy to help cater for demand of over 800 students. 

Originally erected in 2012, Hampden Academy was built using structural steel, mechanical systems, and a concrete floor slab, all designed to accept a future expansion to the third floor. Within the blueprints for the expansion project, it was important that the structure follows LEED guidelines, a certification that provides a framework for highly energy efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. 

To combat energy loss and achieve continuous insulation, WBRC Architecture planned on incorporating thermal breaks from Armatherm into the building design. Ideal for meeting such requirements, several thousand feet of Armatherm FRP Z Girts has been installed to help insulate the warm interior wall from the cooler exterior wall, establishing a continuous thermal barrier without thermal bridging. 

Offering more effective insulation and helping to contribute to sustainability efforts, Armatherm FRP Z Girts are also ideal for the use in existing masonry or steel stud backing hence being chosen for the expansion project of the Academy. Furthermore, construction was coordinated so it could be completed within the school year and with the simple installation process of Armatherm’s FRP Z Girts, it allowed for the project to be finished in a timely manner. 

“The team found the Armatherm FRP Z Girts easy to use, making them overall fast to install. A continuous thermal envelope, without thermal bridging, is an essential detail in sustainable design so thermal breaks are a key part of this project as more regulations come into light surrounding the efficiency of buildings both now and into the future.”

Nickerson & O’Day

As continuous insulation becomes an industry standard, Armatherm continues to supply methods that meet guidelines, develop products that will save energy, and help reduce greenhouse gasses and pollution creating a healthier environment.

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