When Framingham State University decided to expand the Warren Conference Center with a new ballroom, they prioritized energy efficiency and sustainable design. Lavallee Brensinger Architects was commissioned to create a design that met these goals, and project architect Jason Bennett incorporated a thermal break solution to ensure continuous insulation throughout the structure.

The challenge was to maintain continuous insulation from the footing, through the foundation slab, and up to the masonry wall, while supporting the structural load of the wall. Armatherm 500-200 material was chosen for its exceptional load-bearing capacity and thermal performance. Installed at the base of the brick wall, Armatherm 500-200 provided an uninterrupted thermal barrier without compromising structural integrity.

The masons, Marmelo Brothers, reported that the Armatherm 500-200 product was easy to work with and served as an excellent starter course for laying brick. This ease of use streamlined the construction process and ensured precise installation, contributing to the project’s overall efficiency.

“Armatherm 500-200 material not only supports the weight of the wall but also ensures an uninterrupted thermal barrier, crucial for energy efficiency in modern masonry construction.”

Jason Bennett, Project Architect at Lavallee Brensinger Architects.

The result is a new 10,800-square-foot ballroom that maintains a warm interior floor and significantly reduces energy consumption. The space is expected to be in use by fall 2024, reflecting Framingham State University’s commitment to sustainable building practices.

Armatherm’s innovative thermal break solutions continue to set the standard for energy-efficient construction. The successful application at the Warren Conference Center exemplifies how Armatherm products can enhance building performance and sustainability, meeting the growing demand for environmentally responsible construction practices.

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