Thermal Bridging Applications

Solving the problem of thermal bridging must be a top concern for the objective of designing and constructing more energy-efficient buildings. Thermal bridges cut through insulation, wasting energy and resulting in less healthy and comfortable environments. Using Armatherm thermal break techniques is a practical, affordable, long-lasting solution to this problem. You can get the thermal break products and customer support you need at Armatherm.

Armatherm™ FRR — Masonry Shelf Angle Thermal Bridging Solution

Masonry veneer walls need shelf angles and tie-backs, which create substantial thermal bridges and can lower a wall’s R value by as much as 50%, making it challenging to meet energy code requirements.

Armatherm™ 500 – Column Base Thermal Bridging Solution (load dependent)

Traditionally, the base of steel columns extends through the floor slab and insulation of the building.

Armatherm™ 500 – Foundation Wall Thermal Bridging Solution (load dependent)

The thermal envelope of a building includes the foundation. Heat escapes from a structure predominantly through non-continuous insulation features at the transition between a slab on grade and foundation wall and at the transition between an exterior wall and foundation.

Armatherm™ FRR – Balcony Canopy Thermal Bridging Solution

The canopies and balconies that use cantilevered steel or aluminium elements are the most frequent interface details for structural framework.

Armatherm™ FRR – Parapet Roof Penetration Thermal Bridging Solution

The thermal envelope and roof insulation are both parts of the building envelope that are broken up by penetrations like davits, anchors, and supports for dunnage.

Armatherm™ Z-Girt – Cladding Thermal Bridging Solution

The thermal performance of wall assemblies is considerably enhanced by Armatherm cladding attachments. Low thermal conductivity and strong compressive strength are used with Armatherm FRR Z Girt, Clip, and Thermal Break Shims to transfer load while minimising heat loss.

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