Hanley Wood and ArmathermTM have teamed up to present a useful webinar on thermal bridging. This programme, which was created to educate architects, will give participants the chance to obtain crucial CEU credits, which are required to keep practising as architects. ArmathermTM is pleased to be presenting a thermal break seminar in collaboration with the Hanley Wood team. Hanley Wood is one of many websites where thousands of architects, builders, contractors, engineers, and other construction professionals go to fulfil their continuing education and professional training requirements without charge. In order to make sure that buildings are as energy-efficient as possible, ArmathermTM thermal break products are essential. With current government regulations and the implementation of energy codes, this is more crucial than ever. Architects must be aware of the most cutting-edge techniques available to reach this goal because the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive mandates that all new structures be almost zero-energy by the end of 2020. The ArmathermTM course, which is worth 1 CEU, gives an overview of thermal bridging and discusses its causes, effects, and prevention. It helps architects identify thermal bridging, explain why it happens, and explain its implications. Visit http://bit.ly/2G6fU56 for additional information or to enrol in the course.

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