The Irish Association Of Steel Fabricators (IASF) is a Members Organisation which promotes the steel industry in Ireland by providing guidance and assistance on all aspects of the industry. They promote quality and safety standards across the board, ensuring all members are of the highest quality and can deliver a seamless service to customers. 

Armatherm has joined the ISA as the only thermal breaks member, with one supplier from each sector of steel allowed to join – showing true testament to Armatherm’s commitment and dedication to serving the industry. 

Steel is commonly used across a multitude of building connections, from supporting beams to fixtures. This metal, although strong and durable, is highly conductive, meaning it transfers energy easily, often resulting in inefficient connections. Armatherm thermal breaks combat these thermal bridges, providing an innovative solution to energy loss. The thermal breaks come in a range of different formats to minimise the transfer of energy and temperatures via steel framework, fastenings or brick ties. 

To find out more about The Irish Association Of Steel Fabricators, visit the website https://www.irishsteel.ie/about-us/, or you can contact the Armatherm team here to speak to our team.

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