As part of a £9.5 million renovation project, an upscale hotel in Yorkshire has increased its energy efficiency by up to 60% thanks to a cutting-edge thermal bridging technology provided by Armadillo. Aim Applications hired the thermal breaks expert to deliver the solution, which will increase the hotel’s existing amenities by adding a new spa extension. The team’s solution involved isolating the rooftop balustrade posts from the flat roof framework in order to insulate the hotel’s roofing system. To effectively construct a thermal barrier, ArmathermTM 500 from the manufacturer was put where the posts and roof converged. Due to the substance, cold temperatures couldn’t be transmitted into the inner structure through the cold steel posts and roof insulation. When the spa is finished in the spring of 2017, the team’s approach will help to significantly minimise condensation problems and improve the hotel’s energy efficiency. The Rudding Park project was an intriguing task that showed the adaptability of our ArmathermTM material, according to managing director of Armadillo Jonathan Shaw. Our thermal breaking solutions can be used whenever there is a transition in the building envelope, but they are frequently required to separate temperatures in cladding or façade applications. Building energy efficiency and operating expenses are significantly impacted by heat loss from roofing structures, which is a main place where heat can be lost.

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