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Armatherm™ Z Girt


Armatherm thermally broken cladding support connection solutions prevent excessive heat flow and potential condensation problems otherwise associated with thermal bridging. Moreover, wall assemblies using Armatherm attachments will meet the continuous insulation requirement of ASHRAE 90.1 and the effective R value requirements of the Canadian NECB energy code.

Modeling results show that using Armatherm Z girts results in several improvements in the thermal efficiency of wall designs, reducing heat flow:

  • The insulation efficiencies of the wall assemblies increase significantly. Some as high as 98%.
  • Higher, effective wall assembly R values are achieved using lower values of external insulation. For example, to obtain an R value of R-13 minimum to meet ASHRAE zone 1, steel girts require and external R 20; whereas Armatherm girts require only R 10.
  • Cladding wall assemblies can meet the R value requirements of ALL geographical zones for both ASHRAE 2013 and NECB 2011 energy codes using Armatherm Z girts.
  • Reduction in thickness and cost of insulation.
  • Reduces energy consumption.

Improve Wall Assembly Efficiency

How can we improve cladding attachment details and design wall assemblies that maximize insulation values so they reduce heat loss, reduce cost and meet energy codes?

Armatherm cladding attachments significantly improve wall assembly thermal performance. Armatherm Z Girt, clip and thermal break shims provide a combination of low thermal conductivity and high mechanical properties that transfer load and reducing heat loss.

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