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Armatherm cladding support solutions prevent excessive heat loss and prevent potential condensation issues occuring that are often associated with thermal bridges. The material acts as a break, thermally isolating the warm interior wall from the cooler exterior wall, or vice versa. Wall assemblies using Armatherm Z Girts meet the continuous insulation requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 and Canadian NECB energy code. Armatherm’s innovative Z Girt products also benefit from a simple installation process and secure cladding anchoring base. 

Specifying an Armatherm™thermal breaks can improve the efficiency of a wall assembly by as much as 98%. The cladding attachment systems significantly improve thermal performance, the Armatherm™ product range including a Z Girt, clip and thermally broken shims provides a combination of low conductivity and high mechanical properties that transfer loads and reduce energy loss. 

Improve Wall Assembly Efficiency

How can we improve cladding attachment details and design wall assemblies that maximize insulation values so they reduce heat loss, reduce cost and meet energy codes?

Armatherm cladding attachments significantly improve wall assembly thermal performance. Armatherm Z Girt, clip and thermal break shims provide a combination of low thermal conductivity and high mechanical properties that transfer load and reducing heat loss.

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Cladding Thermal Bridging Solutions


When it comes to projects that include cladding and panels, these are more often than not attached to the steel stud framing with a metallic Z Girt. The metal designs are highly conductive, and they can bypass the exterior insulation making it non continuous, resulting in thermal bridges. A thermal bridge, also known as a cold bridge, heat bridge, or thermal bypass, is an area which has higher thermal conductivity than the surrounding materials, creating a pathway for energy transfer. Thermal bridges at the steel girts connection are often overlooked when calculating a wall assembly’s true working U-value. Steel z girts, designed to carry exterior insulation, are very conductive, and because they are attached to the steel stud-wall, are a thermal bridge themselves! The unaccounted heat flow can cool the internal side of steel and aluminum attachments below the dewpoint of air in the wall cavity where condensation can occur, which can cause major issues during the building’s lifespan. Condensation can cause damp patches which can result in dangerous mold problems which can negatively affect a resident or visitor’s health. Armatherm, pultruded fiberglass Z Girts, are non conductive and provide a secure surface to attach siding or cladding. 

An Armatherm™ Z Girt system is strong enough to hold most cladding and insulation details, and can improve the U value of cladding and wall panel assemblies by eliminating the use of a highly conductive metal girt and aluminum brackets creating wall assemblies that are up to 98% efficient. The addition of a fiberglass Z Girt, made from reinforced plastic, improves the U value of cladding and wall panel assemblies by eliminating the use of highly conductive metal girts and aluminum  brackets, creating wall assemblies that are up to 98% efficient. It’s imperative that specifiers, architects and structural engineers are up to speed with the latest in thermal break technology to ensure their buildings are made as efficiently as possible to protect the future of construction. Armatherm Z Girts come in 7 standard sizes, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 6”, which will satisfy most insulation requirements.  Our customers have been very satisfied with the quality and consistency of our Z Girts, and the quick quoting and fast delivery.   

We’ve provided thermally broken Z Girts for a number of prestigious projects to improve building efficiency. If you’d like to hear from any of the companies we’ve worked with, check out the testimonials on our website which include a number of constructions that feature fiberglass z-girts. We have glowing reviews and our team would be more than happy to put your mind at ease regarding any questions you may have regarding horizontal Z Girts.

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Safe, durable and efficient, an Armatherm™ Z-Girt thermal bridging solution can help minimize energy loss and significantly improve envelope performance, especially when paired alongside Amatherm™’s vast range of thermal break products. If you need help with your construction project to meet new building regulations, you can get in touch with our expert team who can help advise and specify the best product and inform you all about fiberglass Z Girts. You can also visit our website which features a number of helpful online resources to take advantage of, including test reports, design assistance, literature libraries and ZGirt product profile videos to help you achieve a better understanding of thermal break products, key features and the applications they’re best suited to.

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