Steel framing has long been extensively used throughout the building industry. In fact, steel frames account for more than 50% of all commercial and multifamily, multi-storey  construction. 

Steel is extremely durable, strong, long lasting, and fast to construct within buildings. All of these factors make it an ideal material to use in construction. 

However, steel is also very thermally conductive. Heat flows along steel building components whenever there is a temperature difference. Because of this, it creates a huge energy loss when connecting the inside conditioned space to the outside environment. 

The solution? High density polyurethane thermal breaks are designed and installed into the beams or columns, at the transition where the steel leaves the building and they are installed into the beams or columns at the transition where the steel leaves the building. The thermal break  mitigates the majority of energy losses at their contact points. Polyurethane has very high compressive strength. 

Armatherm 500 high strength polyurethane is available in a multitude of densities and has compressive load capabilities from 210 to 2150 psi and R-values ranging from 3.85 to 1.9, depending on the density of the material.

The Armatherm 500 Polyurethane is designed to interrupt the flow of heat across steel, concrete, aluminum or any other conductive building component. It is denser and stronger, meaning it can support impressive loads, while simultaneously improving efficiency at thermal bridges around the building envelope. 

A huge variety of applications within constructions will require the protection of thermal bridging solutions, to avoid the disastrous implications of cold bridging. This is especially prominent if the application is steel bolted. For example, connections which need to be thermally broken include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Parapets 
  • Slab/floor edge 
  • Column base 
  • Roof penetrations 
  • Custom window sills 
  • Roof edge 
  • Slab to foundation 
  • Foundation to wall 
  • Concrete balconies 
  • Custom molding for over-insulating

In the case of these steel bolted applications, applying 500-Series polyurethane thermal breaks will save significant energy, as well as contributing to the elimination of cold spots where condensation (and therefore mold) can occur.

Armatherm provides a wide range of targeted products which improve overall energy efficiency performance. We’re a leading supplier of structural thermal break materials for the construction industry.

Our thermal break solutions can be used anywhere that a penetration exists in the building envelope. This effectively reduces heat loss at areas such as balcony, canopy, parapet, masonry shelf angles and cladding connections.

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