Thermal Bridging Solution for Balcony Canopy

Balcony Thermal Bridging Solution

The canopies and balconies that use cantilevered steel or aluminium elements are the most frequent interface details for structural framework. On the inside of the thermal envelope, through layers of insulation and air barriers, these parts are often attached to slab edges or spandrel beams. Thermal bridging at balcony and canopy connections can diminish a wall assembly’s R value by as much as 60%.

Using ArmathermTM FRR structural thermal break material can reduce point transmittance (heat flow) at these connections by as much as 70%.

Balcony Thermal Break

Without causing much rotation, ArmathermTM FRR can transfer load in moment and shear connections. ArmathermTM FRR has undergone structural testing to assess balcony connections for creep, rotation, and any effects on bolt force.

In order to minimise heat movement and retain the structural integrity of the balcony or canopy connection, a structural thermal break must be used.

Balcony Connection

Balcony Connection Thermal Image

Balcony Connection

Balcony Connection Thermal Image

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