Column Base Thermal Bridging Solution

Column Base Thermal Bridging Solution

Traditionally, the base of internal steel columns extends through the floor slab and insulation of the building shell. This results in the creation of a thermal bridge and point transmittance (heat loss) at the base of steel columns in low temperature structures like freezer rooms and cold storage facilities. For exterior columns that support floors or roof overhangs, the same is true. The continuous insulation is broken by the connection between the column and the roof, resulting in heat loss from thermal bridging.

Column Base Thermal Break

With an efficient thermal break at the column connection, ArmathermTM 500, a structural thermal break material, can support and transfer column loads. ArmathermTM 500 can assist in meeting the baseline insulation requirements for floors in refrigerated storage facilities as well as the ASHRAE requirement for continuous insulation with R values as high as R 3.8 per inch.

Exterior Column to Floor Connection

Exterior Column to Floor Thermal Image

Column to Roof Connection

Column to Roof Thermal Image

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