Armatherm ArmaFix-Tie Non Metalic Brick Work Tie.

BRE Accredited Thermal Break Brick Tie

Thermal Conductivity:

  • Steel Galvanised Brick Tie:  29 W/m.K
  • Stainless Steel Brick Tie:  17 W/m.K
  • ArmaFix-Tie: 0.59 W/m.K
  • 96% reduction on Stainless Steel.


Standard sizes:

  • 150mm Cavity Tie Length 275mm
  • 175mm Cavity Tie Length 300mm
  • 200mm Cavity Tie Length 325mm


Mechanical Performance:
Tested to comply with, BS EN 846-5:2012


Fire Performance:
Tested to comply with, EN1363-1:2012 and EN 1365-1:2012

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